Virtual reality vision therapy game

Haunted Seas is a virtual reality vision therapy game, designed to enhance patient compliance in young patients when undergoing therapy for a condition called Convergence Insufficiency Syndrome. My job was to create a world that patients could get lost in so that they could forget that they are receiving therapy and instead, are brave pirates, sailing around an enchanted world. I designed the specs for implementing analog vision therapy into a virtual reality vision therapy game,
developed application with C# in Unity, and conducted user testing for build iterations The game mechanics were designed to use eye tracing in virtual reality to force the patient to do repeated eye rotations and was effective in improving children’s vision therapy experiences. It has recently won European Auggie Award for “Most Innovative Breakthrough” in 2018 AWE EU.

Demo video of the virtual reality vision therapy game, Haunted Seas. Eye tracking feature is disabled in the video.

Game mechanics are sped up to get through entire therapy in a few minutes for demonstration. Audio is placeholder and was replaced in final version.

virtual reality comp sci education app - tbd

virtual reality user tutorial

Launch into VR is a short virtual reality (VR) game designed for Samsung phones compatible with Gear VR. The game is a tutorial meant to help players become more accustomed to VR and teach them how to interact with their environment.

Launch was commisioned as a tutorial to a much larger project - a series of educational VR games meant to teach high school students. This tutorial is tailored to teach controls similar to those that will be in the educational games. However, it can be used to generally teach how to use the Gear VR technology given that many games for the Gear VR headset act similar. Visit the website to to download the Unity package to modify Launch in order to create your own tutorial or a simple game, or download the APK play Launch into VR yourself!

virtual reality ui/ux prototyping

Prototyped 3D UI/UX concepts communicating product team wireframes to development team at YouVisit LLC
Developed interactive VR experiences with C# in Unity for Daydream, GearVR, and Cardboard 
Designed 3D content for mixing CG and video content into interactive VR experiences

virtual reality ux investigation tool - tbd

motion graphics

visual special effects

2d animation

military interactive media training