Intro to VR Dev: Sprint 1

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After training both the Seattle WA and Elizabeth NJ teachers in 3D development in Unity, it became apparent that the needs of the teachers for the VR development curriculum started to diverge. There are many potential topics to cover in a VR curriculum and each school and teacher will have a different set of priorities. Some teachers were more design or cinematic oriented and some were more focused on development. The Elizabeth NJ teachers are only ogligated to follow the 3D development class exactly for their students to get credit in our IT201 Information Design Techniques class if the students so choose to come to New Jersey Institeu of Technology. After some discussions, we thought it best to give the high school teachers enough training in VR development in Unity and let them pick their own projects and curriculum focus. We also came to this conclusion because the field is so new that there are no set rules, textbooks, and teaching standards set yet. This means that Part 2: Intro to VR Development in Unity will be focused more on getting the high school teachers up to speed on some of the newly defined best practices in design and development of VR experiences.