Motion Design Reel 2014 - Click play button above

These video links comprise my motion design and video editing professional portfolio. The projects are comprised of videos and motion graphics from a web series called "The New Kind" and a graphic novel series called "Tales from the Mist". I was hired to produce eight videos called "Origins of the Mist" used as an introduction into the world of "Tales from the Mist". I was responsible for the motion graphics, compositing, directing and video editing.

Origins of the Mist 101 - Beginnings
Origins of the Mist 102 - Skrawlerz
Origins of the Mist 103 - Four Elements
Origins Of The Mist 104 - Piecekreepers
Origins Of The Mist 105 - Prophets of Doom
Origins Of The Mist 106 - Iron Wyrmz
Origins Of The Mist 107 - Dr. Evol
Origins Of The Mist 108 - Aerosol Demonz