This page links to youtube and vimeo videos showing training videos I have created at both the 3D Training Institute and New Jersey Institute of Technology. They are examples of my digtal art training video creation techniques. Please note some of these videos are several years old and may not reflect my present skill level of teaching techniques both in-class and via video. 

Final Specs for Game Prop Model Project

Photoshop Basics for Model Texturing

Game Prop Modeling Techniques

Game Prop UVing Techniques

Model and Texture Integration to Unity

Robot Game Character Animation Explanation

Rigging, Animating & Integration of Game Props

Texture Mapping using Curves

Combining Global Illumination and Caustics

Modeling Organic Room Decor

Background Plates using Dynamics

Process Overview of Concept to Model to Game

Basics of Concept Art for Game Props

Modeling and UVing Workflow Techniques

Game Prop Texturing and UVing Techniques

Robot Game Character Rig Explanation

Robot Game Character Integration Explanation

Basics of Game Prop Rigging

Logo Animation using Dynamics

Character Clothing Creation

Door Modeling Workflow

Using Motion Capture within Motion Builder

Modified Bevel Plus Workflow

Additional Car Model Techniques

Adding Dynamics to Light Fog VFX

Compositing with Maya and After Effects

Arch Viz Project - Week 1 Part 1

Arch Viz Project - Week 1 Part 2

Arch Viz Project - Week 1 Part 3

Arch Viz Project - Week 1 Part 4