This page links to youtube and vimeo videos showing student demo reels, character animations, motion graphics, 2D animation and video game projects. These students are a mixture from Quinnipiac University, NJIT and 3D Training Institute. Besides animation classes and demo reel workshops, I usually run a senior capstone class focusing on refining all previous work and building demo reels. I have also included my own animations as a student at the bottom of the page to show where I started from.

I am in the middle of figuring out how to host Unity web player games on my website but for now, I can provide a link to one recent student's gaming project in my class. His name is Sam Alexander and the project was to build a 2D RPG game within 7 weeks. Here is the link

Brandon Simms - Motion Graphic

Daniel Acosta - Demo Reel

Rachel Corres - Demo Reel

Rachel Corres - Motion Graphic

Breyon Bradford - Demo Reel

My Own Student Character Animation

My Own Student General Demo Reel

Brandon Simms - 2D Animation

Daniel Acosta - Motion Graphic

Rachel Corres - Character Animation

Rachel Corres - 2D Animation


My Own Student Character Animation

My Own Student Motion Graphic

My Own Student Compositing Demo Reel